GOP Convention 2016



GOP Convention 2016

  • Maryland Delegates

    (38 Trump)

    At-Large Delegate to the National Convention

    Bossie, David
    Harris, Andy
    Murphy, Don
    Helminiak, Larry
    Schuh, Steve
    Ehrlich, Kendel
    Patel, Dwight
    Cluster, John
    Boone, Kory
    Burke- Russell, Mary
    Jennings, J.B.

    At-Large Alternate Delegate to the National Convention

    O'Keeffe, Mary
    Grasso, John
    Trotta, Christina
    Boteler, Joe
    Mirabile, Frank
    Murphy, Gloria
    Fisher, Deena
    Kingston, Tim
    Reilly, Jim
    Houser, Cynthia
    Martinez Jr., Alirio

    National committee members

    Nicolee Ambrose
    David Bossie
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