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  • Best comedians to listen to on a run

    If you see me running through the area laughing, don’t be alarmed. I’m not totally crazy. I’m just listening.
    Sometimes running is boring. So this past year, I’ve starting listening to comedians’ sets while running to help pass the time.
    John Mulaney was with me on hill day. Louis C.K. helped me through a 15 miler. Tig Notaro distracted me through knee pain. Amy Schumer helped push me through speed work.
    Many comedians are great story tellers, and often a funny story is just the diversion my mind needs while running. No kidding – there have been times that I have had to stop running because I’ve been laughing so hard. (I can only imagine what I must look like: headphone-clad sweaty jogger smiling, laughing and snorting along her merry way.)
    Music and news/politics podcasts are often my bread and butter when I’m running alone. But every once in a while, I need a palate cleanser – an escape from the same old music and some time away from the crazy news cycle that is center stage in many of my favorite podcasts. That’s where comedy comes to the rescue.
    So for those of you interested in adding a little levity to the long run, here are my top six favorite comedians to listen to on runs and their albums. I am a Spotify subscriber, so all of these are on that forum.
    Note: There is profanity/adult content in almost all of these albums.
    1. Louis C.K., Hilarious. His comedy is dry, his delivery is so perfectly normal and his knack for storytelling about newly-single dad life is impressive. Just enough to pull me out of a mid-run funk.
    2. Aziz Ansari, Buried Alive! I feel like Ansari’s comedy, and this album in particular, touch on a lot of generational woes to which I can relate. Food, dating, proposal stories, family, texting. It’s all in there.
    3. Iliza Shlesinger, War Paint. Her voices, spastic delivery and energy get me moving on even the longest runs.
    4. Patton Oswalt, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time. Nerdy, corny, real, sometimes a bit too much information, but always funny.
    5. Hannibal Buress, My Name is Hannibal. Airline travel jokes may seem played out, but Buress manages to freshen things up. Plus his relaxed approach is captivating.
    6. Jim Gaffigan, Mr. Universe. OK, it’s a lot about being a dad and eating food. But this cleaner comedy is snicker-inducing all the way through.
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