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Marine Corps Marathon training blog

  • The case for a tech-free run

    I'm a sucker for running gadgets. I just got a GPS watch after weighing the purchase for years; I run with music, apps and what promise to be sweat-proof headphones (they aren't.) As someone who works in the digital sphere, I fancy myself a tech-savvy person -- and take full advantage in my running life, too.
    But this past week, I went on my last (!) long, long, long run before the Marine Corps Marathon and ran tech free for most of it. And I loved it.
    I usually bring my tech with my on all runs -- arm band, phone, GPS watch. Music helps push me; and I've already shared about how comedians can take my mind off the harder workouts. Still, there is something to be said for unplugging in running as mush as there is in real life. It's a time to step back, refocus and enjoy what's in front of you.
    This past weekend, going on a tech-free run helped me run at a comfortable pace instead of fretting over what my GPS watch said to me. Running without music or podcasts helped me focus on my breathing, absorb nature's beauty and appreciate what my body is capable of.
    Beyond those benefits, running without technology can be a safer way to exercise. Tech-free runners can better hear cars, bikers and pedestrians around them and be more attuned to their surroundings. Distracted running is a thing -- and it can be dangerous.
    So as you head into the last few weeks of your Marine Corps Marathon training, consider running without your music or GPS watch. It may be the breath of fresh air you need!
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